Tuesday, December 30, 2008

stoked about this Kitty!

Christmas Cards
Minnie Mouse
*hurrah! hurrah!*

*juss so stinki'n adorable!*

*You STOLE my HearT!*

*For You My Dear!*

These cutz RAWK!
I am SO stoked n' cant' wait to put'em on my DD's LO's!
I cut the car one and the cheerleading one too!




is also my SIL!

Here she is.....

(oops! sidewayz one!)
oh well ...get ur exercise n' twist that head
o' urz!

We live in such a remote area we had to move into a hotel
to wait for Justyce to be born!
This was last December!
He found his brother's snack!
*DS: Harvey*
*Family Pride*
*Self Explanatory!*
I have a hottie DH!

Thanks for Looking!
Please leave comments
if you wish!

*DD: Victoria*
1st Bubble Blowing!
DS: Harvey
4 Yrs Old & 13 Yrs Old
(He is 15 now)
He is just so 
So full of smiles!

more loz

a quick dinner (right hon!?)

I am SO much in luv with HIM!
Youngest & his BIG LIPS!
DS's: Justyce & Charles
1st Flight!
Deadly Cuteness
DD- Victoria

I have been ....

really exploring my horizons with my discoveries of being creative!!!
And I really do owe it to the Cricut and Bad Girls MB!
There are such wonderfully talented people that share so openly!!

Thank you so much for your inspiration!
I look forward to getting more inspiration from your blogs as I follow you!


Take care and have a happy new year!
from my family 
to yours!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Prince Charles
Lincoln Twin Towerz
Prince Charles Benjamin Percy Lincoln Jr
Justyce Jonathan Phoenix Lincoln

Merry Christmas to ALL
& Hope you enjoyed your Holiday!

KweenScrapper n' Family

kewl stuff

some kreations

some stuff I did

Monday, December 8, 2008

my new duuuuu

**** my honz gift i got for him - had to showcase it for him via internet ****
(the cap that is;) ) LOL!


here i am
with my new cut

workin' too hard

so i am off of work until further notice
i need to learn to quit trying to people please n' do things for myself now
that includes taking time for ME

this isn't how i was visioning my christmas holidays
with a torn up house n' bad heating, etc...etc....

i hope that things only get better
sometimes i feel like itz me thatz doing this to myself?


i am off to fondle my kit i never got to play with yet (lol)
nov 08's kit

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

~Proud to have a Hon Like Him~

I have been waiting for this man (all my life)
Don't we all?
I am very grateful that he has come into our lives...

There are so many things I can say about him;
but, I will say juss this...

I LUV him
with my