Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Scrap Area

">" border="0" alt="" /> Here is my desk area:
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Here is my scrap area:

humble :) hehehe

I am looking to improve it in the fall sometime ;) I hope we get to do fix it up :)




Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Bad Girlz Challenge

Don't mind my fiddling with the colors n' what not -
I pretty much try anything once ;)

well, we got a new challenge today - DDD - do some photo editing -
I am SO excited are the two photos I will bey playing with:)

This is my DS - Charles Jr - sportin his new shades before our walk ...

Chucky Jr

and here is my DD - Barbara - kewl lil baby bad girl sittin on the lava beds ...


I fixed these today - *sighs* now to find the time to get them done - and let alone that - the "right" paper to get them onto! Well, the family seems to "want to eat" *groanz* Silly little family o' mine - don't know how to boil water, put noodles in .... *hehehehe*

later folks ;)

Friday, June 6, 2008

This is the reality

here i am once again - trying things out .... *sighs*
I think I am addicted! hahaha :)

but i think i am done playing now ....

my DS Justyce has had a good day today :) He hasn't whined too much with his teething :) Yay!
DS Charles is still wandering around the house n' havin' a blast! :)

I LOVE watching these two "grow" as the time goes on .... they are so amazing!

Chuck n' I are goin ok - not just ok - we are doin' GREAT! But, we need HIM n' I time SOON!
maybe dinner - or time alone for a walk ... i dunno ...

well, it is HOT out here.......n' we are going out for a walk soon .... too hot to cook *ugh* So, we are going to pick up some pizza :)

had another lazy day today - YUCKY! hate those days!
hopefully i will stay off 'o here now that my addiction has been fed *lol*

later all ;)

i will leave you with a pic of our area :)

Hey! I figured this out kinda'...

I just need to figure out how to leave comments?
how to add my BG buds on here :(



ANYHOO - here is my reason for stayin' SANE! I luv this man SO much!
he is MY WORLD - MY ALL!

My heart n' soul! *sighs*

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I am slowly gettin' the "hang" of this - scoped it out - will keep searchin' for tha kewl stuffz to pretty up this page ;)

New to this ...........

:) I am going to spend some time setting this up - I have blogged a many times; however, not I am goin' to check this out and then come back to BS some more ;)