Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Art Journal

New Entries

Trying to get my feelings out now more than ever ...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some creations I made

Prince Charles


Love You

A 12x12 canvas I made
Thanks for looking


I am BACK!

I have been undergoing SO much these past few months and have been in a scrappin' slump!
BUT ... I have been working hard at trying more ideas n' simple layouts :)
I will post 'em when I get'em loaded up on my computer :D

I also have my Nikon lens replaced :D
AAAAAND hubby got me the Gypsy! (Yay! x's 2)

I will post later on today :D
Thanks for dropping by :)


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Helllllllo Every1!

I have been extremely busy since the last post - in AUGUST! Whoa!
I've been hard at work and with my family .... weekends were shot 'cuz o' work I dropped a few things that weren't totally necessary (of my time) and am now going to concentrate on my children, the luv o' my life n' my NEW BABY on the way :D

We are due June 2nd, 2010... Lucky No. 7 and we are DONE after this *lol*
I luv bein' pregnant ... chuck is so awesome with the kids n' me ;) Such patience :D

Well, I think that is all I have for now ... I will be posting more once I get the hang of slowing down n' scrapping more ... oh, and art journaling :)

Take care n' thanks for dropping by!

aka Lillian

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Personal Note....and some sb'ing/crafting....

Chuck & I set a date!
August 28th, 2010
Gives us some time to get this arranged n' money saved for it ...and to create my heart out! :)

As you all "know me" ... I am NOT one to go for the "normal" lovey dovey wedding :P
I want to have FUN! n' do FUN things!

So... I am getting a feel for this ...... are some things I created using the Wedding Cart and SB Cart

Just some prototypes ...'til I get my groove on ;) hehe

Thanks For Looking


sorry for the crummy photos...itz late n' i can't find my cheapy cam ...using my webcam on my laptop :) You get the idea ;)

Small Invites?

Square Invites?
We need the SU! Wedding Collection (papers n' stamps) for this invitation


These have candy in them!
Love this!
the "top note" will be stamped ...not written on ....

oh now THIS one is SO US! ;) *lol*

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time for this girl to GET HER SCRAP ON!

and here I go!

I have all that I "need" and "want" (for NOW!) :P
and I am going to scrap 2tnite ...

play w/ my new toy n' dies :)
n' paper

Keep in touch for the newest n' latest from
KweenScrapper :D



Bday Con't

Here are some of the "rest" of my order from my Bday ....

Coredinations Cardstock
Black Magic
Black top w/ different color underneath (on the reverse side)

Potion No. 9

Hocus Pocus


As you can see ...the Black Magic are of earthy tones, bright colors and softer shades :)
I cannot wait to play with these .....

and the Big Shot Xpress

the Bigz XL Cutting Mats
and Crease Pad
Purse w/ Pages

Bag w/ Scallops

Texturz Starter Kit
* Side 1
* Silicone Mat
* Impressions Mat

Side 2 of the Texturz Mats

Well ... I still have 2 more dies coming yet ... just got my confirmation number that they are on their way to me now :)

Thanks for dropping by :)


Monday, August 10, 2009

a big step taken again .....

i had posted about this on my other blog .... but .... i am going to keep myself accountable ...
i RE-joined WW On Line .... I am going to stay focused n' not lose my WILL to change for the better of my health!

I was 210 lbs Jan. 09 .....
joined and was 185 lbs April 09 ...

a 25 lb loss! :)
then injured myself .... (knee was hyper extended) ....

lost my will to continue as i was getting "lazii" ...
felt bad n' was slipping into a "i cant' do it phase"

talked to chuck n' the kids ... n' they said, "YOU CAN!"

Rejoined and did my frist step on the scale since April ...
I was at 181 lbs!

Well.... I am 181 and my goal is 145 .... I can do it!
Thanks for dropping by!


Juss some things I am "needing" or "getting"...*lol*

Okay ...Okay ... a girl can dream :)

The Big Shot Express
(i am awaiting this in the mail ... hopefully today!)

the new iTop Brad Maker!
(I cannot wait to pick this up ...hopefully it will be at an M's when I get to the stores!)

okay ...who wouldn't want this?
I NEED this gypsy!
I will be getting it when it is released :D

my DD's love rock band n' are into music (instruments) ...this would be awesome for their LO's!

my DS Charles just LOVES the "old" Superman movies!
He would LOVE these cuts on his wall in his bedroom!

well ... juss had to share my latest obsessions!

Thanks for dropping by!

how crazii ....

i have been off for a WEEK now ... n' did i scrap?


how silly of me!
i NEED this break ....but didn't scrap!

hopefully this week ....


have a great week people!



Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blog Candy Alert

Malisa's Ya Buggin' Me Blog
has some sweet candy up for grabs!!

Go see her!


Top Note Die is in there ;)


Sushi Music Vid

you MUSt watch this one :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

~Sushi Date~

DH Chuck & I have been waiting to make this forever!
Beginner's Basic Sushi :P

But ... we now have a list of MORE "stuffing" to add ;) hehe

Here he is putting his creations together ...

Plating up ....
Here I am working with the sticky rice ...
my creations ....

Enjoying what we made! Oh de-lish!
*Thumbz up Cookz!*

Thumbs up cookz!

We invited DS Harvey to try some ... his 1st time eating sushi n' LOVED it :D

Our youngest loved the SUSHI TOO!
TWO ARMS up for the GOOD food mommy n' daddy! ;)

Thanks for dropping in ;) hehe


LO's & Some Cards (Using Coredinations n' Scor Pal)

Okay ...I luv these new techniques using the:
Coredinations Paper
DYMO Embossing Labeler
Score Pal


Have a Look-See n' Leave me commentz if ya please ;)

Here you go....
Thanks for Looking!

Pow cut from Indie Art



Close Up of the Dymo Embossing Labeler in action!

Thank You

IDK What this one is "for" yet ...itz juss purtyful!

Thanks for looking! :)


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Altered Cricut Bug: Shez done ...

and she is Kween No. 2!


Thanks for looking!



We are doing it!!! (Altered Bug) *UPDATED*

Here is whatz been done SO far!
Itz NOT complete ... and this was taken by my laptop (crappy pic) ...but
it looks SO much better IRL!

He is just putting on the pink!

another crappy pic taken w/ laptop
but you get the gist ;)

Itz NOT done yet!
While he was spraying he was thinking that the pink would NOT go over the "black" ...well, GUESS WHAT? IT DID!!!!

Grrrrrrr! LOL!

So, we have to wait for it to fully dry, then tape the pink n' redo the black! lol