Friday, January 2, 2009

~365 Day 2~

Here is my pic for 365 .....
I am not in a very "good mood" nor was I wanting to scrapbook .... wasn't ready to do much let alone take my pic!

It was a so-so day .... I spent is searching for ideas whilst spending time with the kiddoz....

Thinking of my goals and aspirations....

.....pondering .... where do I go from here? What can I do this year that will feel like there is something accomplished??? with work? my family? the house? (i think i will stick with that list there!) lol

I began by taking photos of my everyday things that I do ... what I enjoy doing ...of course of the two littlest people that always luv me no matter what!! :)

These 2 boys are part of my 365....


He is my lil' Angel ... my doll....
he is 10 months ....
look at his (forced) smile here as he is being cuddle by DD Barbara....

he is struggling these past few days (since Christmas Eve) with his bad head cold...
this is a GOOD day for him ... but his 
nose is runny n' he is coughing ...

everyday since he was sick i always worry so much for him ... keep this lil guy in your prayers..
he is strong ...but we need that lil push to get him thru this last stretch of his runny nose n' bad sinus headaches..... and he also teething to boot! (fangs are coming in)

Stay strong Justyce!! Mama luvs you!

Charlie Boy
This boy is truly a joy to have around! I really enjoy having his sense of humor develop and listening to his speech come clear!!!
I luv how he runs to me when he needs a cuddle....or if he needs to be talked to ....
he jumps ALL over the place when we sing!
he dances like NO ONEZ watching!

A blessing he is!
I can't get enuf o' this boy!

Having My Family
I really luv having them all in my life!
I am not doing this 365 JUST for my boys cuz they are my
I just want to do something different!

Happy New Year
Thank You
dropping by!



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