Friday, May 29, 2009

FFF-May 29th

I know I am early; however, I don't wanna miss ... so I will be early *lol*
I am gone on a business trip again :)

here they are:
(in NO particular order - the juss uploaded this way)
TaeBo was gettin' a bit of ...letz say....repetitive!
So, I looked up another way to get my bod the way I want!
So I am going to hip hop my way there....
may as well have FUN while I am losi'n weight

Who ordered this Bad Girlz Stuff
for her?
I am SO excited to get this in my hands (soon!)
Mama needs playtime
:D The BG Special Kit is Beyawesome! :D
*winkz* Thanks Wendy!

Cricut Cart: Sesame Street Font
Okay - there are TONZ o' diff fontz on here!
And the EVER so cutie-patootie SS Characters to boot!

Cricut Cart: Hello Kitty Font
Oh! Em! Gee!
If you do NOT have this - you MUST buy some letters from me!
Cuz this font rawkz!
You MUST see what I have done with this (later on)
You WILL want to order some cuts ;)

Stampin' Up
Oh! Em! Gee! AGAIN!
I love stamps!
I am luvi'n stampin' ....
i love coloring!
You have to take a look at these things from SU!

Thanks for dropping by and scoping out my FFF's ... I will be by later on tonite to post to yours n' get the goods on ya ;)

Much Luv n' *hugs*


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Freezer Teez

Let me try to figure this out ... I hope I get this right!
I never did a posting to show what to do :)
Please forgive me for my mistakes if there are any :) haha!

Materials needed:
Design Studio (Cricut) and/or
SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot)
Cricut mats
Freezer Paper (NOT wax - freezer paper; i used Reynolds)
Heat gun
Paper Trimmer
Cricut Tools (spatula; pointed thingymabobber to pick the bits off of shirt) lol
Acrylic Paint mixed in with Fabric Medium OR Fabric Paint
(IF you use Acrylic paints mixed with fabric medium - use TWO parts paint to ONE part medium) :)

I hope this helps :) If you have any questions ... LMK :)

1. Design your cut with SCAL or DS (Cricut Design Studio)
Remember if you are using print -
spell it backwards THEN flip :)

2. Put your Freezer Paper SHINY side UP
(I used Reynolds Freezer Paper from grocery store)

3. Cut the image and lettering out
Remember to use these settings:
(I have used various setting and found these worked best for me)

Blade: 3
Speed: Medium/Slow
Pressure: Medium/Slow

If you are cutting a detailed image - I suggeset slow
If I am using basic shapes, I used medium
4. Remember to have your shirt flat!
AND Remeber to put an extra piece of freezer paper INISIDE the shirt to prevent leakage to the other side!

Lay your shirt out with the stencil shiny side down
Iron freezer paper shiny side down

5. Paint your 1st coat; then dry with a heat gun
Repeat 2-3 times.
I found if I did too many layers it would seep under my stencil
My DD painting for me :)

6. Peel the Freezer Paper off
Pick out the tiny pieces that are in the lettering

Heat set the image using a towel over the image;
iron on for about 30-60 seconds

7. Viola!
Here it is :)

This is my FAVE shirt :) I love this - woohooooo!!!
Happy creating! :)



Just some random things n' there

Some thoughts n' postings of Teez

well, i am at a crossroads in my life .... career path is tilting .... not too sure of the change; however, anxiously awaiting to see what the next few months are going to bring me .... *sighs*
I am waiting on word about what I am going to be doing for the summer months - I do NOT Like summer ... why? oh, don't ask! lol

i am pretty happy with the way things are going with my family tho - kids are much more helpful in the house n' Chuck n' I are going strong... I am quite happy with the way things are going!

as for my new "small business" (ST and EtsY) - quite anxious to get this going! Very happy! I am going to do something that I LOVE to do! Yay! I am hoping to get this kicki'n by the beginning of June! Hosting workshops n' having crops :) It WILL work out! I know it will!

okay ... so my DD and I were creating Teez n' cards for a craft fair ... I have been creating Grad themed things (frames, cards) as well ... I will post those later on tonite....
Here is a Tee that I made as SOON AS
Machida smeared "the other dude"
(okay, i admit .. i *heart* UFC)

Nisga'a's Finest Tee
I am from the Nisga'a People's
n' I HAD to make this ;)
cuz i am Nisga'a's Finest

Got K'ayukws Tee
My DD wore this right away when I made this!
K'ayukws is dried/smoked fish!
A delicacy in our valley ;) Yum!
(this is our Nisga'a version of "Got Milk?")

Wolf Apron
We all have crests (Raven; Eagle; Killerwhale; Wolf);
we follow our mother's crests!
(It is the women that make the Nisga'a Stew for our feasts we have)

So, here is one I made for other Wolves to order!

And here is one for the

I need to make a frog and Killerwhale Apron yet:)
Twilight Tee
Here is Edward

This is MY TEE! (but of course, for mama)
DD is holding it for me :)
i promised a general idea of how to do with these ... i will try my best to post that :)

Thanks for dropping by and hope to get my FFF up tomorrow :) (If I can, I am going on another business trip) :) I will prob post it after this posting :)


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is tha Kween Up to?

i have joined
Stampin' Up family and am VERY excited to get this going!
I will set things up n' have a grand opening and contests n' such :)

Please go to my site n' take a look-see
When I get things started I will post some contests here ;)

Please keep in touch!
Follow me if ya dare ;) (I know you wanna) LOL

hmmm...oh, I am going to be opening an etsy shop as well!
selling teez, cards...tags....cuts n' such ....
you will see ...when i get it set up ..THAT will be having a grand opening as well

so thrilled!
Please leave a comment n' well wishes n' promise me you will buy from me ;)


Much Luv


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Okay ....FFF (and itz SUNDAY)


Leave it to me girlz ;)
Leave it to me to be the LAST n' LATE to boot! ;)
I WILL Get this "right" ONE Of these days ;)

Until then....HERE WE GO!

My DD and her 1st Horseride!
I love it!
(see below for a detailed post)

She was quite "cocky" - I called her and HER AND the HORSE both looked back at me ...with that, "we are QUITE okay mama!" (lol)

STILL her!
I was SO proud of her!
Look at her making that horsey go backwards at her command!
She was so amazing to watch - quite a natural!

Tooti'n my OWN horn ....I was looking thru my LO's from the past n' came across
THIS LO was from the BG DT Call .... life got on the way and I was SO SURE I was going to make it! (ha! ha! Didn't we all? *winkz*)But here is ONE piece I was very fond of!

Get the fanz out girlz!
Hottie on the loose PDQ!
(See COUNTDOWN timer on my blog!)
New Moon.....I SO cannot wait!
Love it!

With THAT in is my FAVE number 5 -
Jacob Black
(that damn Bella! Lookit this wolfie!)

I know I am late .....but I at least did it ;)

Much Luv n' thanks for looking :D


Horseback Riding

My DD (barb) joined the Horse Club here (in Aiyansh at school)
I am SO proud of her! She found her passion!!!!
(She wants to get a horse now) LOL!

here she is enjoying her rides...I was afraid for her at first..but this is what she wanted so I let her do it ... I had to let her just go ....grow up and do what she needed/wanted ....

when she asked to ride by herself i was apprehensive n' didn't know if i should let her ...but her trainers said she was very relaxed and is doing very well ..(so i let her go) ... *sighs*

proud of you baby girl!
Luv you

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some Kewl Teez (I made)

Love the NEW teez~
I was creating all day :)
Here are some of the creations ...
Handle With Care
*Cricut: Graphically Speaking*

*Cricut: Graphically Speaking*

Be Yourself
*Cricut: Gr
Graphically Speaking*

*Cricut: Indie Art*

*Cricut: Indie Art*

I had so much fun doing these! They are VERY addicting! Time consuming....but FUN! :) DD made one for herself; however, wore it out right away! *lol*

Thanks for looking! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

I am such a bad blogger...

but with GOOD reason!
I had been sick for the past two weeks! *ugh!*
i hope that i will be ok now!!!!! (*crosses fingers*)

well ... i am going to do my FFF's pretty quick ... (just taking time to wind down after a trip to town to get some groceries n' MORE tylenol!)

hmm .... oh!
I have coming in the mail:
* my five carts! (Yes!)
* Bad Girls Prizes (for NSD) :) Wooohoooooo!
* Bad Girlz Kits! <<< that is taking long due to my part in the deal *lol*

well ... i am gonna go find pics o' my faves :P
be back later



thanks for dropping by!

Friday, May 8, 2009

FFF (going to take a whirl at this)

I am quite new to this ... HOWEVER ....
these thingyz were part of my faves!
STAMPS! ;) Stamp anything - I want it! hahaha!

My newest Fave is the FFF :)
I do hope I can keep up with this ....SHOULD be easy ;)
itz about ME *lol*

Okay ..... my NEXT fave ... Cricut Carts!
Okay ... I am SO bad! I haven't used my Cricut in SO long but just HAD to have these carts (that were on my "Carts Hunted" LOL!)
I have (coming to me):
Hello Kitty Font
Sesame Street Font (I am a sucker for Elmo!)
Winnie the Pooh Font (My DD LOVES Pooh!)
Soccer Solutions Cart (for my DS-he *hearts* soccer!)
Basketball Solutions Cart (DS *hearts* bball too!)

My Next Fave (for this week)
I found since I have been quite ill and so blah -- i was getting depressed feeli'n like crap all day! So I went to blogs n' that lifted my spirits! Thanks to all of you who added me (followers) and to my friends for your comments! Made my day! :) Love how everyone is so willing to share their wisdom of the sb'ing!

My Last but NOT the least!
MM NEW Design Cards!
These are on my "HUNTED LIST" and I WILL have them!
Eventually! (SOOOOOON!)

As you can see ... I am fairly new to FFF - again, I hope I can keep up!
thanks for allowing me to step in and try ;)



I am on a replapse, please send well wishes and prayers that I break this awful illness!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

More LO's

Here are some creations I attempted (while SICK!)haha

More LO's I worked on ... I juss love this one of my DD
Barbara - watching her grow up into this beautiful young lady
is quite the sight to see!
(SCARY!) lol

Watching Victoria play with Charles is SO much fun! They always laugh so much together! I am so happy that she loves her lil broz SO much! (She wants a lil' sister too! haha)
He Arrives!
My Prince Charles! ;) *winkz*

Life Is Good
I have all that I could ask for and MORE! ;)


Thanks for looking and please do leave comments ;)
Much Luv n' Take Care


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hurricaine Lillian has reached Ground Zero

A bit of an exaggeration ... however, this is the OUTCOME of my NSD!
*lol* My DD (Barbara) came home and said, "WHOA! Mom - look at your area!"
So she saw it fit to take a pic of me while I was posting to my blog! ;)

Proud o' my MESS! Muahahahahaha!

Thanks for looking and please do leave comments :)


More LO's

I dunno why this is sideways? *lol*

Here are some LO's I created today ....