Sunday, August 31, 2008

new do!!

me - sportin the new do!
"are you scared?"
"do you want to cut it?
I am like ... "Pffffft! Cut if ALL OFF!" lol
Me - Big Hair
...... here it is! (thanks to my SIL)me - NEW haircut
I <3>

My Goals.......(BG Apron Challenge)

I have a new lo swirling in my head...and today is the day to get it done for the apron contest....
i have SO much personal growth to do .... and I feel like I have done it all; however, am not even close to what I want to be - I am feeling "perfect" as I am now ... I do know that ... as for the goals... they are CTMH .... my children .... i need to quit nitpicking so much .... and wanting perfection when I am not there myself ... so what if they can't wash the dishes like me, vacuum like me, clean up (in general) like me.... but they can LAFF and have FUN like me!!!! & wear that smile with pride! :)

I want to learn to stop the demanding of them ... and accept them for who and what they stand for! Love unconditionally .... (*coughs*) No more yelling 'cuz something was not done RIGHT THEN and THERE cuz I asked ... (I don't get things done right when I want it done either!) *lol*

Remember ... Choose Your Battles mama! :)
Which brings me to my Apron is my entry

Well ....

here i am ..... tried my attempt at the BG Apron contest this month ... will post after I get thru to BG site first .... ;)
been workin' double time these past few weeks...i figured i get some play time ;) lol

oh .... and i am busy on the laptop doing lesson plans and year plans for kindergarten ... just thought this was a funny pic... looks like i am on it charlesTOO MUCH :) *lol*
baby is gonna blast it away! hahahaha!
Can't believe how time is flying .... I am excited but feeling the crunch at home now that I am back at work ... things are a bit more hectic!!!! dishes...laundry .... cooking .... *whew!*

Well, thanks for stopping by! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sitting here.....

in my workshop ... well ... on a break! *sighs*
wondering what is going on with my babies at home! :(
i miss'em *lol*

Just on a break - gettin' ready for lunch :)

Talk soon all!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Been Super BUZY....

Been super busy @ home .... did major cleaning the past two weeks ;) House is awesome now! :)
Just got back home Thursday nite from my business trip
 in Kamloops - had a BLAST with my SIL...she truly is a wonderful soul that woman! :)

Going to clean up my "area" and put the things away n' start doing my work for my classroom ... I am super excited but sad 'cuz I am not going to be home with the kids everyday :( *lol*

I went in to get the "test" done yesterday *lol* ;) "it" was "-" ;) Yay eh? I truly would have been HAPPY; however, it would not been great timing! hahaha :)

I am just popping in to say hello!

I don't get too much time for reading anymore .... :( I
 really want to start again so I can finish the 2nd book ... 
I am near done ... prob an hour left or so .... if even that ... then I am going to start Eclipse ;) hahah....I should just savor the books ...they truly are wonderful!!!!

Oh ... I am going to be redecorating my UGLY house! It is time to get going with the house...I was wondering if any of you can share your ideas with me to fix it up so it doesn't look so hobo-ish *lol* and is fit for my family .... babyz in mind ;)
.... heheh
thanks in advance for dropping by ... sorry my thoughts are all rambled.... talk soon everyone!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I absolutely FELL IN LUV

with this BOOK! 
My goodness!!!!
need the second book - ASAP!!!!!
thanks to Bad Girls for recom. and from my friend Jenn .... 
oh I am SO addicted and NEED to KNOW MORE!
I need to READ MORE!
I will have to wait 'til Sunday to get the NEXT TWO bookS! lol
I went and bought the LAST book already!
it sits on the microwave waving at me ... telling me to just LOOK ONCE! 
I won't tho ;)

I can't wait to get to the next book!
Saw some trailers for the NEW MOVIE! Like - WOW!!!!!!


** RAK GOODNESS ..........**

Goes to ..............



Please send me your addy so I can snail mail this to you on Sunday or Monday ....
whenever I get to a PO :)

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for PARTICIPATING!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

How Can I 4GET THIS?????


My DD is just going thru a milestone in her life right now! I am NOT too sure how to take this!!! She is MY BABY GIRLER!!!! :O She was VERY brave when she came to me! (I am SO proud of her!) We just hugged and cried for a few minutes .... I have been telling her of this for the past year .... getting her ready ... so she knew what to do! :) 

I told her EVERYTHING there is to know ;) *sighs* 

that is the excitement for the nite (yesterday) lol

It must be me ........

EVERYONE in this house is SO annoying right now! *lol*
I JUST cleaned house yesterday .... and it is RIGHT back the way it was!
I can NEVER win here! Frick! & now Chuck is on a cleaning rampage .... FRICKIN!!!!

I SO need this trip coming up so I can get away from 'em all!!!! 
I want to take my DS Charles tho - I REALLLLY don't want to leave him ...
I am going to go nuts without my baby DS'-Charles n' Justyce ... *sighs* :(

I am due for my depo shot next week .... I am SO emotional I think I am PREG!
But i KNOW i am NOT! :( I think I am letting TOO MUCH get to my head n 'I think TOO MUCH!
Worrying about my sonz ... the trip .... leaving the house in a MESS!

There is SO much going on here .....

Venting session done .... will be drawing my RAK tonite ... :) that is an UP for the day!
excited to see who winz it :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BG Rak (Then & Now)

In This RAK:
(Not all listed but what you see is what you get)
4 handmade papers (NOT by me) - they are BEAUTIFUL!
Riff Raff (Cupcakes)
Rub Onz
DCWV Nursery Die Cutz
Acrylic Beads (which were colored using Alcohol Inkz)
MM Frame
Felt Borders
Chipboard (naked)
Epoxy Stickers

(I may still add more once I am done my organizing)

Here is the RAK as I promised .... the thread closes THIS THURSDAY so I can send it out on Sunday/Monday - depends on when I get to a PO while I am on my trip :)
I DO hope you enter :)
Draw is Thursday Nite .... Thank you  :)

Here is the link JIC you need it :)

*~Growth ............~*

In all honesty - I truly have grown a lot with the Bad Girls assistance .... I cannot fathom the things I have learned without being in awe everyday I scrap ... some days I hoard galore n' do NOT want to waste my stash! LOL!!! I finally got out of the ..."what if I need it for ...." frame of mind.....

On the BG Site I posted a thread that asks for a link and state what they liked about my LO ... I have a RAK to mail out for the winner of this thread :) I am going to be giving stuff from my stash n' NOT just ANY OL' things... FROM MY BG KITS! :)

here is the link for the Thread: Then and Now

Juicy STUFF!

I am going to post a pic in a few when I get time .... havin' my java now :)

Thanks for dropping in :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting things In Order and Back to Our Routine

Well, things are getting pretty hectic at home here as I get things back in order...and TRYING to put our family back on a schedule .... school starts pretty quick here! (Work starts next week for me ... n' then ... the kids are back in school!) Seems SO FAR away yet it is SO CLOSE in reality! lol

DD's are switching roomz ... they are NOT happy with their rooms ... so we are busy doing that ... I am getting all the main roomz cleaned up and rearranging ... did the kitchen today ... and dining room ... living room .... have the bathrooms tomorrow ...and get all the linens done ... OMG I am goin nuts!! But it will be well worth it when it is all done!

DS had his room finished lickety split already! He was on a mission and did it! Proud of him :)
He just has to finish his laundry and put it away :)

DD's are SO lazy! They can't even collect the JUNK n' GARBAGE in their rooms let alone their laundry .... they are the struggle to get things done ... if they don't get going and done they are looking forward to grounding! lol

Well, in a few days I am going to be heading to my workshops.... that is going to be a LONG time away from my family! chuck...the babies...the kids! WHOA! 6 days away from'em....
ugh! Gonna be lonely! (Wish Chuck could come)....

Thatz all thatz goin on with me today ... I am going to try to make an attempt to update everyday here .... (my own personal goal) ... so I can just copy and paste for my journaling on any lo's I do) :)

Well - take care everyone and thank you for coming by to see what I am up to :)



Sunday, August 10, 2008

*~* This Boy *~*

Justyce Jonathan Phoenix
has stolen my heart with his big smile ....
and his innocence...

I just love this lil' honey -
he has brought so much
awareness to myself....

his willingness to laugh, love, smile, 
and most of all....
he always has a smile to share ....
a contagious laugh that when you hear it ...
you can't help but laugh along with him -
and that makes him laugh even more so..
Yup - it makes you laugh MORE too!

True Love (My newest work)

I am learning to let loose n' do what I need to do :)
TFL :)

New LO's

Okay - I have been trying different things and this is what I have been coming up with ... I have been using my cricut much more these days :) I am letting go of the fear of running out of things n' hoarding ... I am just going for it! :) Here they are ...