Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i am home sick (again)

and have NO more sick days left!

well ... win some lose some

thanks for dropping by
n' enjoy the lo's n' plz lv

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some New LO's Completed

Here are some LO's' I have been
working on
(this past weekend and tonite)

I am feeling quite ill .... so thought I would get
some therapy in and scrap!

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments!
Thanks SO much!


Kween Scrapper

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

oh i am luvin the "touch" i found for my LO's

So In Luv

LO of my DH and I
the luv o' my life!
Dangerously Beautiful
My DD (barb) and I
Love the pics of us two :D
She'z Got 'Tude

My DD (Barb)
total 'tude!

Love this pic o' my hon n' I!
He makes me SO happy:)
Lil Bird

My DD playi'n with the webcam (again!)
my beautiful fathead!

Thanks for looking!
Please leave comments if you may :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Journal Entries

First Of All:
A frame I made for my son

Okay, onto the other stuff ...
here are more jornal entries I did :)

Just a bunch of papers I cut n' pasted onto paper ..
I will write in it another time :)
************If I could go back to my past self,
ONE thing I would tell myself...


We all know how CUTE SHE IS!
I will journal about her loveliness another time *lol*

I HAD to do this one *winkz*
When I am Famous my dressing room
needs to have ....

So Happy
(but not so happy - where am I?)

the finished page
(I am not sure if I posted the finished product (yet); however,
can't have enuff Bellz n' Eddie huh?)

Thanks for Looking!

~My 1st BG Project 52!~

My 1st Project
Bad Girls
Project 52
Altered Canvas

Altered Canvas
I LOVE these colors - the combo is wikkedly kewl!
Here are photos of my work :)
Thanks for Looking!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Some NEW drawingz I did for SB Dolls

They still need to be critiqued :D But I am pretty happy for a 1st timer! :D
I am lovi'n the new skillz I am GROWING :D

Button Button!

Grab this button Bad Girlz n' POST IT


You can find the RULES here on the Bad Girls Button Posting!

Have FUN n' POST GALORE for your points!
and link your posts back to the BG Button Posting!

Some SWEET Bad Girl things to scope out!

Bad Girlz
Project 52

Go check it out for inspiration!!!
They are rawki'n the art there!
Sweetness girlz!


Hambly is juss breaki'n our hearts
with their creations!
(Believe it or not ... i am PETRIFIED of butterflies - ask chuck! whenever i see one or if one comes near me - I bolt! I run for it and run at lightning speed! LOL!)
Hambly is makin' me see the luv i had for'em back in the day ...

Bad Girls Blog: Hambly
and THEN to Hambly
to see what the prize is!

What you need to do:
leave a comment on BG site (blog)
and Hamblyz blog on BG Prize!
simple huh?

(now hurry n' go!)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i have been

quite busy!
Getting home cleaned up .....

working on myself these past few weeks
haven't been really working out anymore?
Lost that "feeling" to change ... I DID lose 25 lbs tho!
But that seemed to hit the backburner; 
therefore, I am working on myself emotionally ...
too much to talk about on here ..
but i am trying to make changes for the better ...for me ...
so that I can be better for those around me!

Anyhoo - I haven't been scrapping ...hopefully tomorrow :D
(after parent/teacher nite)

I have TONZ o' stuff to use up (from BG)
& I am expecting ANOTHER BIG BOX from BG *does the WHOOPEE DANCE!*
and I won a wikked azz kewl BG Tote Bag (filled with all the goodness of BAD GIRLZ)!
I am ONE lucky Bad Girl!

itz late ... i am up late (not my style)...but lately is has been .... waking up thru the nites ... or, all thru the nites ..*ugh* .... i guess i better get to sleep ....
thanks for reading this
and i would appreciate any
positive thoughts right about now!



Sunday, April 5, 2009


yup ... this is me (right now)

I can't seem to find the PERFECT PENS (set?)

I have been searching high and low for the PERFECT PEN for my journaling, doodling, etc for my Art Journal? :( I gesso my pages n' my sharpies juss' dry out! n' I have to run them over regular paper to get it to start again!

I was wondering if I can call out for the type of pens you use? and name brands if possible?

Please n' thanks!

thank you!