Tuesday, November 25, 2008

~Proud to have a Hon Like Him~

I have been waiting for this man (all my life)
Don't we all?
I am very grateful that he has come into our lives...

There are so many things I can say about him;
but, I will say juss this...

I LUV him
with my

More LO's I worked on :)

Hard Bod - my honey! *sighs*
I am SO lucky to have a man like him!
Hot - Kind - Hot - Super Papa - Loving - Hot - Sweet ;)
You get the point! LOL!
My DD and her 1st Cuz Cilla Anne
(My older broz DD)
New Brother
Papa and Broz welcoming Justyce home!

Lady Di
My Broz DD - Diane
She is such a cutie!

My DS (Charles and I enjoying a walk)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

will try my darnest to be here! and THERE!

for this BAD GIRLZ event!

NO ONE wants to miss this...........tonz o' stuff set up and ready to go!!!

Be there or BE square ;)

n' we ALL know what YOU REALLY are! *devilish grin*

Join in on the fun girls ;)

U know what to KLIK to get to where you REALLY should be ;)

the girl that once was............


Look at how I looked before I met my Bad Girls! I was lurking the website looking to let loose!


Low n' behold...I found my home @ Bad Girls!!!! ;) *wink*wink!*

Monday, November 10, 2008


I have been SUPER busy since I got back to work! (Man, I miss being home tho!)
I mean I luv teachin' but I miss home!
So, I have been traveli'n on business trips n' what not .... working all day .... I need to get going on catching up on my family life via scrappi'n our times :)

I just started scrapping again! Lovi'n it! Thanks to the BG for their inspiration in the gallery! I have truly been "lost" as to where to start and this is the place to look! ;)

Okay - i have been super busy working!
Not only that - the two babies n' the older kiddoz are quite a handful too! :)

So, our house has flooded (once again) and is undergoing renovations! (YIKES!) Supposed to be a week and it has been over that already .... what is the reality of a reno? Heck if I know! I just know it looks AWFUL downstairs! and we are all living upstairs (boxes n' all around us) ... it is NOT fun!
DS gave up his room for his sisters; however, he is in the living room with aLL his belongings! :(
It is a mess in the house n' I can't stand it! *lol*

Okay - the babies are doing fine! Justyce has seven teeth now! Charles is bombing around (as usual) ... the kids are doing great in school!

I have a few LO's I have done this weekend...will post when I get time! :)
Thanks for dropping by!

I feel so scatter brained.... i hope to get to the bloggin' again soon!