Thursday, July 30, 2009



I found the lowest price for the machine and one cart at $127.00 US ...
and carts @ $36 US ..... so ... make me an offer I cannot REFUSE for ALL this listed below! w/ a reminder: this machine was ONLY USED ONCE!

okay ... i need to figure this out ...

$127 is about $135 CND .... I will cut down to $120 ....
$36 is about $45 CND.... I will cut down to $30 each (which is x 7 = $210)
$15 US for 12x12 for the mat ... I will throw that in for FREE!

Now ...make me an offer :)


Plz serious enquiries ONLY ...and shipping is to be covered by the buyer!
I will post pics of EVERYTHING (sold as a lot) ONLY ...
these have ONLY been used ONCE .... I have tonz o' cricut stuff n' never get to use this machine is WONDERFUl ...but it needs a good home! ;)


email me @:
or leave me a message here

What is in this lot (so far):

~ Slice Machine (& power cord)
~ Adhesive Tube (used only once)
~ Extra blades
~ 2 glass mats (6x6 and 12x12)
~ 7 cartridges
* Animal Crackers
* Back to School
* Noteworthy
* Spellbound
* Basics 1
* Basics 2
* Basics 3

thanks so much


this is coming from Canada; therefore, think about the costs to ship if you are in US

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday Haul

Here are some of the items I got for my Bday :)
Enjoy and thanks for dropping by ....

*scratches head*
Whose Bday is coming up soon? *winkz* ;)

~A few of the things that came in the Mail~

Drool Factor
Close Ups

This looks marvelous doesn't it?

the vid

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

here is the LO I worked on tonite :)

I took FOREVER to do! LOL
don't even ask what I used 'cuz IDK...i was running from here to there using this n' that from my stash :)
~No!!! i am not cute n' cuddly~
Double Page LO

Side 1
He was SO upset with DD Victoria and I for dressing
him up in this bunny suit!
(This bunny suit used to be Victoria's)

Here is where the Scor Pal came into play!
Look at that beauty!
Coredinations at itz best!
Side 2

the Scor Pal came into play here as well using
the cutterbee bug (faux stitch holes)

Thanks for looking :)
take care

I have a vid of my mini haul from my Bday coming soon!
I took a vid of what I have on hand now ... will do another when the REST of the Haul getz here ;) Woop! Woop!

Gnite n' TTYL



A Couple o' Pics of Justyce

You can see how much he luvz his bookz :)

he is turning the numbers on the wheel of the book :)
SO precious!
being a teacher ... I LOVE IT :) hehehe

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back @ Work

Well .... I am back at work for three weeks .... I am not too sure if I will be getting too much done SB'ing while I am back .... I will most definitely try to make my necklace tutorial as soon as I can ...(thanks for being patient with that) ....

Look forward to being back but still in the "rest/summer mode" and am a tad bit "lazii" lol

Talk to you all SOON! :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Five Fav's Friday on Saturday LOL

These are my latest FFF's

Beieve it or not ... the PINK BIA :)
I learned to love the blue one ... but V2 should rawk ;)
Just need to start collecting the covers n' owires :)

I MUST get this! & Soon :)
Luv that it uses RINGS for binding :D

Crafter's Companion
Just luv it 'cuz it can do MORE than cardmaking :)
Scor Pal
A must have for my newest "talent" I have discovered :)

Thanks for tuning in to see my FFF's ... this does NOT mean I "own" them (yet) *giggles*
I just luv my toys n' MUST have these :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

~no squished fingers 2nite!~

My Lovely Creation I made with my BIA!
(Am I thrilled - uh ...YEAH!) ;)
Please see below of what was used and how I used it ....

Close Up of the Owires

Front Cover
Looking down
(better idea of the color use here)

Front/Side View

Top View
(Filled with white cardstock)

Inside Pages

Here I actually got a bit of the thinking outside the box
n' went wild n' made various size pages ;) *lol*
LARGE ones! (scored at 6")

Small Ones
Thanks for joining me on my BIA Adventure! I am quite happy with the results THIS TIME :)
and I even did it ON MY OWN! ;) (NOOOOOOOO DH this time ... I think I was too over bearing (a teensy bit) lasnite .... n' he didn't like it that I was THE BOSS! ;) *muahahahaha* So, I was on my own girlz ... n' I DID IT!

I conquered the BIA! just get my hot lil' hands on that darn pink one!!!! *lol*
and oh ... if you can ... please send me SMALLER wires! and book covers! ;) *lol* JK

Much Luv n' *hugs*


Materials Used:
* BIA 1" O-wires
* BIA Chipboard covers (6x6)
* Wire cutters (I cut the wires at 6 loops)
* Ribbon
* Bazzill cardstock (for inside covers)
* Modge Podge to adhere PP to chipboard covers
* SU Black Ink (for edges and stamps)
* Just Jawing Stamp Set
* Cricut Cartridge: Indie Art (for Skullie)
* SU Punch (Scallop Circle)
* SU Dimensionals (for the skullie)
* Bazzill In Stitchz
* Plain ol' regular white cardstock for inside

More GUY LO's

I FINALLY got my hands on some earth tones n' darks for my GUYS in my life :)
Enjoy and thanks for dropping by ...

Tailor Made
Chocolate Chip Designer Paper pack
To the Nines
(from stampin' up can find these w/ SU on my site) :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009


My Challenge -
Task at hand: Create a NOTEBOOK or SOMETHING that will get ME to "play" with it!!

Okay Froggie darling and Lauren honey ...



1st of all ... I had to HUNT for my BIA Wires .... (THAT was a WHOLE day task!) Ugh ....
but GLAD I did ... Guess what I found???

I found my BIG BITE! LOL ;) (so ... Yay!) hahaha!

Here I go ....

this is the "cover" (since I did NOT find my BIA Chipboard covers I KNOW I had)

The Cover

The Guts

I tried!
Boy did I try!


I am NOT sure ;)

Lessons learned:
1. Do NOT put your fingers INSIDE the squishing mechanism while squishing!
2. Cut wires properly (jagged edges HURT when you are poked!)
3. Know how to find the center point (for "open" cuts)
4. If you want to use setting (C) or "Cover" have to switch from Cover to Open and move it up after each punch (or at least thatz what I had to do! Probably user error) LOL
5. Always have DH around when lose something ...cuz he'z "seen it somewhere...."
6. When he or she finds it ... NOTE where it was LEFT so it will be found AGAIN!

I had fun girls...we MUST do this again!

Much Luv n' HUGS


note to self: Please sell this thing!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Creations (LO's)

Here they are .... I am pretty happy with how they turned out!
I believe my MOJO is back :) Thanks to a clean and organized room :)
i never get to sb chuck and i ..... so here they are :D

Using SU Kits

Thanks for looking and for any comments :)


Monday, July 6, 2009

Tim Holtz Fragment/Charm

turned into THIS!

I made this lil' necklace (if you will)
for DD :)

Here is the Front
(an Owl)

Here is the back:
"Princess of the Owls"
(this is her given Nisga'a Name)

I made this for DD Victoria after helping me organize my area :)

Made out of:
Tim Holtz Fragments/Charms
SU Crystal Accents

Any questions just post'em here and I will try to help out the best I can!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

more sb area pics

The Vid :)

Please click on the link above ...thatz the best I can do for now!
It took me THIS long to get it up ... *sighs*

Enjoy & thanks for keeping up with me!!!

Sneak Peeks :D

Here is sneaky peek number 2!

I am luvin' it :D