Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trying this out for "size"

i joined the WW Online!

it will be on my other blog ... (updates n' such)
and thoughts about this ...

...please go check it out! :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

~Day 4 of 365~

Well ...I am STILL into this taking a photo a day of DS' (Charles n' Justyce) and myself! (I am totally enjoying it!)
Makes me think about the lil' things in life that I need to enjoy! And having to go back to work ...well.....makes me appreciate it even more so .... now I need to take the time to take a pic of the boys and myself after work...will be different 'cuz I'd have missed a whole day with them!

Today was a good day (again) - with the boys...the girls went out sledding ...DS (Harvey) is staying at grandmaz for a few more days....enjoy spending quiet time with Chuck too! ;)

alright..onto busines......
Here we go! Okay ... the 365 pics I will be doing LO's for ...*note: the pics I am posting are the pics I will scrap for my 365 Project)
Justyce Jonathan Phoenix Lincoln
11 months old

Justyce is dancing now! When he hears music he starts bopping his cute lil head n' wiggles his body all over the place!! Like - SO CUUUUUUUUUTE! (It must be a mama thing ...cuz his mama dances n' sings SO loud that he is following suit now) LOL!

Here is his pic with his FAMOUS BIG LIPS! They stick out when he is happy n' they STICK out when he is crying and/or UPSET! LOL!
~~"Enough of the pics mama!"~~
Okay now this is SO cute! You cannot deny that! He is sticking his big lips out n' this was taken 1st thing in the morning so he is TRYING to adjust to the bright lights as mama keeps snapping pics of him! hahaha...too precious!

Again .... watching him grow so quickly and get so smart and developing his character is wonderful!!!!!

Charles Benjamin Percy Lincoln Jr.
There is no denying this boy luvz his papa! Here is first thing in the morning taking in his cuddles n' luvi'n from his papa! He was so cuddly n' just wanted to be near his papa.(Note his SAME shirt is on!) LOL! He didn't want to change into his PJ's lastnite...just straight into his bed he wanted! :)
So our day went on and these were the pics I chose to scrap of Charles.....
(and different clothes on!)
I bet you anything he is saying, "ENOUGH MAMA!!!!!! Okay! I get it! I am cute! I am growing!"
I can't go on without saying thank you to the best, darn handsome DH in the WORLD!
I love him with all my heart n' soul! *hugs* n' *kisses to you babe!*Charles HOTTIE Lincoln ;) hehe
Okay...that was my day...SOME of my day I might add! 
I appreciate very much that you come to check out and see what is up with me and my project!

I did my LO of the day today! Will post right after this post!
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3 of 365 Day Challenge

Sideways pic of us but OH WELL! *crank that neck!* LOL!    Had to put a pic of him and I! My Luv!
(that means "Me" in Nisga'a)

Here I am ... again ... wasn't too bad of a day for me today!
I really enjoyed being home alone with Chuck and the babies!
It was truly a joy to watch them play together! (We need to teach Charles to SHARE n' PLAY NICE tho!) Running into his brother with his Lil Tikes car! *lol* I am SO glad Justyce is SO strong! He holds his ground when Big Brother Charles tries to get so "bossy!" haha!

well....all in all ... a good day!
(Just not looking forward to ...*ugh*...WORK!)

Justyce Jonathan Phoenix Lincoln
I think Justyce is warming up to the (daily) camera shots VERY WELL!
*lol* My lil' hammy! He breaks out the smiles and rushes towards the camera when it is taken out! Even if the pic isn't going to be of him ... but he puts on this hammy face n' you can't NOT take his pic!!! Adorable lil guy!
I just can't help but smile when he comes near me!
Charles Benjamin Percy Lincoln Jr
*Why you looking so glum?*

Charles sitting on the couch enjoying his movie n' his tostitos! (I have a few other pics of him totally enjoying his movie and getting right into it!) DH took this pic of him for me today! (I was napping)

I hadn't noticed that they BOTH had RED shirts on today! (Guess who dressed'em?) Papa! He noticed it and called them the RED GANG! *lol*

I love watching these boys grow and I am so thankful for this challenge as I am noticing all the wonderful things that we go through each day!

Happy Daisy: Project 365 GIVEAWAY

Didn't hear about the 365 Giveaway
from this wonderful person?

Go here to find it!

Happy Daisy: Project 365 GIVEAWAY

DS woke us up...

he is still teething ... *sighs*
poor babe.... being cuddled by his papa right now .... falling asleep...

(he was taking his own diaper off while lying in his papaz arms!)
Chuck had to put it back on .... 

time to get back to bed ... sleep for a few more hours!

Nite Nite all!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Here is what my family luvz ...
i have NO idea what it is?

I just throw in the burger n' fry it up with TONZ o' veggies n' gravy it up!

Then have it with rice!

A nice glass of the sparkly...

what did you think i meant???

~365 Day 2~

Here is my pic for 365 .....
I am not in a very "good mood" nor was I wanting to scrapbook .... wasn't ready to do much let alone take my pic!

It was a so-so day .... I spent is searching for ideas whilst spending time with the kiddoz....

Thinking of my goals and aspirations....

.....pondering .... where do I go from here? What can I do this year that will feel like there is something accomplished??? with work? my family? the house? (i think i will stick with that list there!) lol

I began by taking photos of my everyday things that I do ... what I enjoy doing ...of course of the two littlest people that always luv me no matter what!! :)

These 2 boys are part of my 365....


He is my lil' Angel ... my doll....
he is 10 months ....
look at his (forced) smile here as he is being cuddle by DD Barbara....

he is struggling these past few days (since Christmas Eve) with his bad head cold...
this is a GOOD day for him ... but his 
nose is runny n' he is coughing ...

everyday since he was sick i always worry so much for him ... keep this lil guy in your prayers..
he is strong ...but we need that lil push to get him thru this last stretch of his runny nose n' bad sinus headaches..... and he also teething to boot! (fangs are coming in)

Stay strong Justyce!! Mama luvs you!

Charlie Boy
This boy is truly a joy to have around! I really enjoy having his sense of humor develop and listening to his speech come clear!!!
I luv how he runs to me when he needs a cuddle....or if he needs to be talked to ....
he jumps ALL over the place when we sing!
he dances like NO ONEZ watching!

A blessing he is!
I can't get enuf o' this boy!

Having My Family
I really luv having them all in my life!
I am not doing this 365 JUST for my boys cuz they are my
I just want to do something different!

Happy New Year
Thank You
dropping by!




This is my DD (Barbara's frame)
She is my lil' Devil Angel!!

She is SO helpful, but ONLY when she wants to be! ;)
But all in all ...she is a GREAT girl!

This is our Name Frame :) A lot of people ask me if I am a Lincoln ...well, if this my "born" into family (I suppose) ... well .... itz a LONG story! *lol*

Here is my DS's Pic Frame
His name is Harvey .... 15 yo...He apparently thinks he is born a KING n' doesn't do much in the house! 


Materials Used:
An 8 1/2 by 11 frame
5 x 7 photo matte
Grungeboard for the monogram
CS (white)
Melissa Francis Crown

I cut a 5 x 7 pp then put it in place of a photo in the frame.
Put the PP under the photo matte.
Assembled the photo frame.

Got the letter ready (this can be any type of letter i.e. grunge, cricut cut, etc)
I glimmer misted the letter)
(Let it dry)
Adhered the letter to the CS and then cut around to make that "shadow" effect.
When the letter was ready I used pop dots to adhere to the glass.
Put on Crown.

You can do anything with these as far as going all out with the embellishments.
I just thought that the simplicity was perfection!!!

But then again ... I went all out on the Mickey Mouse Frames! :)



and I am gonna be a GRANDMA!!!!

DS (Ivan) told me that my DIL has ONLY TWO WEEKZ LEFT!
I will be meeting my Grandson in JUST DAYS!!!

I am SO thrilled!
just realized ... I am NOT even ready for him!

I want to make the birth announcements, start his baby book ....
make the

DIAPER CAKE for him and his mamaz Baby Shower!
(that means invites as well!)

that is NOT a whole lot o' time!
I am going to be recruiting my DD's for this task!

Whip out the ATG's n' cricut...HERE WE COME!

365 Challenge?

I just read about this (on another's blog)

You are to take a pic of something/someone for the WHOLE YEAR?
Anyone else doing this?
And you are to scrap the pic daily/weekly?

I love this idea!
I am going to take a pic of my DS Charles and Justyce to watch their changes occur!
So sweet!

I am thinking of outside my house as I walk out the door too ... or the mountains at the back of my house!


(I took pics of my sons new year's eve n' new year's day - so i started w/out even knowing)