Saturday, August 13, 2011

SMASH! Journal Entry & Tools I used

Here is another entry I did ....for this entry, I wrote a letter to my younger self :)
Quite an interesting task in itself - what exactly does ONE say to oneself? hahah!

First of all, here is my work area .... the place I go to "think" and "Smash!" lol

 An entry of the letter to myself ... I used my nickname (seeing that it is a letter to my younger self).....

I used rub ons that I had laying around in my craft area and wrote my nickname myself ......

A close up of my writing .... I apparently had a LOT to tell myself! hahaha!

This page I used for quick snaps/notes to myself .... to let myself know that there are the BEST things YET to come! My 7 children .... my hunny (Charles) ... my teaching .... my life in general is going well now!

I used a dymo labeler for my title ..... i like the way it adds that special touch to my entry ....

Some items I used on my page entry:

thanks for dropping by!

aka KweenScrapper

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