Saturday, March 28, 2009

SO much going on!

Okay .... so I reached ANOTHER Weight Goal!!!

I reached the Weight Loss of 25 lbs!
(THAT is the weight of my youngest DS *LOL!*)
well, he is 28 lbs ..but STILL!
That is the weight of a walking ONE YEAR OLD!

I am SO thrilled!

My size 31 pants are ALREADY BIG around the waist ;)
that is sweetness!
My DS turned TWO today!
I am SO excited!
Charles Benjamin Percy Lincoln Jr
is going to blow his candles out in a few short hours :D

I have started Art Journaling and am finding it SO awesme!
I LOVE how FREE I can be @ this!
I will post some pics when I get a chance to photo them :)


I think that is about it for now ... will post some LO's I have created as well :D

Thanks for keeping in touch :)


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