Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i have been

quite busy!
Getting home cleaned up .....

working on myself these past few weeks
haven't been really working out anymore?
Lost that "feeling" to change ... I DID lose 25 lbs tho!
But that seemed to hit the backburner; 
therefore, I am working on myself emotionally ...
too much to talk about on here ..
but i am trying to make changes for the better ...for me ...
so that I can be better for those around me!

Anyhoo - I haven't been scrapping ...hopefully tomorrow :D
(after parent/teacher nite)

I have TONZ o' stuff to use up (from BG)
& I am expecting ANOTHER BIG BOX from BG *does the WHOOPEE DANCE!*
and I won a wikked azz kewl BG Tote Bag (filled with all the goodness of BAD GIRLZ)!
I am ONE lucky Bad Girl!

itz late ... i am up late (not my style)...but lately is has been .... waking up thru the nites ... or, all thru the nites ..*ugh* .... i guess i better get to sleep ....
thanks for reading this
and i would appreciate any
positive thoughts right about now!



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