Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Journal Entries

First Of All:
A frame I made for my son

Okay, onto the other stuff ...
here are more jornal entries I did :)

Just a bunch of papers I cut n' pasted onto paper ..
I will write in it another time :)
************If I could go back to my past self,
ONE thing I would tell myself...


We all know how CUTE SHE IS!
I will journal about her loveliness another time *lol*

I HAD to do this one *winkz*
When I am Famous my dressing room
needs to have ....

So Happy
(but not so happy - where am I?)

the finished page
(I am not sure if I posted the finished product (yet); however,
can't have enuff Bellz n' Eddie huh?)

Thanks for Looking!


Anonymous said...

I love your journal entries!
My art journal is a little boring. lol I'm going to have to lift some of your style for a while I think. ;)

KweenScrapper69 said...

thank you SO much
and LIFT away :D