Wednesday, June 17, 2009

UPDATE: Stampin' Up; Cricut Points; & on ME

I am off on a business trip today ... I have been SUPER busy with work! *sighs*
I am HOPING things will SLOW DOWN soon! I am going to be on wipe out if I don't slow down!
I have been scrapping and using these neat lil' page maps from Club Scrap!
I will post what they are ... they are GREAT for when you are in a slump .... I like the LO's that have the ACTUAL measurements with them! I noticed, when I am in a slump, I do NOT think very well with measurements either! LOL! So, thatz when Club Scrap's Page Sketches do me VERY well! :D

I have done a few LO's now using the CS Method! :) They turned out very nice! Will post when I get back from work!

oh, and BTW - my Stampin' Up HAUL will be here on Friday! So, again, PLEASE send me the POST OFFICE VIBES again! lol... I am going to record my opening of it AAAAAAAND put it up on here! Yay!

I have been noticing that when I purchase Cricut Carts... I am getting these "points" ... I am thinking up some sorta' way to get these out to someone .... trade up or prize of some sort? There is quite a bit! So ... keep posted on this!

Thanks for dropping in and will post again later on 2nite:D



~BridgetL~ said...

Well I hope you at least have a little fun on your business trip. Thanks for recommending club scrap. I think I need it.

Aeify said...

Freaking out a bit here...I just got some Club Scrap papers and stamps at my LSS's garage sale where patrons bring in the old to get store credit for new and the paper and stamps are of the stamps was in it's oringinal plastic...gotta look them up on line! Keep on scrappin Lil...can't wait to see what you do next!

KweenScrapper69 said...

Club Scrap rawkz! I will put it up in a bit! :D