Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Bad Girlz Challenge

Don't mind my fiddling with the colors n' what not -
I pretty much try anything once ;)

well, we got a new challenge today - DDD - do some photo editing -
I am SO excited are the two photos I will bey playing with:)

This is my DS - Charles Jr - sportin his new shades before our walk ...

Chucky Jr

and here is my DD - Barbara - kewl lil baby bad girl sittin on the lava beds ...


I fixed these today - *sighs* now to find the time to get them done - and let alone that - the "right" paper to get them onto! Well, the family seems to "want to eat" *groanz* Silly little family o' mine - don't know how to boil water, put noodles in .... *hehehehe*

later folks ;)


Kataroo said...

super cool pics, I love that i am on your list :) made my day girl....added you to mine :)

Nina said...

love the pictures.....your blog looks great!