Sunday, January 4, 2009

~Day 4 of 365~

Well ...I am STILL into this taking a photo a day of DS' (Charles n' Justyce) and myself! (I am totally enjoying it!)
Makes me think about the lil' things in life that I need to enjoy! And having to go back to work ...well.....makes me appreciate it even more so .... now I need to take the time to take a pic of the boys and myself after work...will be different 'cuz I'd have missed a whole day with them!

Today was a good day (again) - with the boys...the girls went out sledding ...DS (Harvey) is staying at grandmaz for a few more days....enjoy spending quiet time with Chuck too! ;)

alright..onto busines......
Here we go! Okay ... the 365 pics I will be doing LO's for ...*note: the pics I am posting are the pics I will scrap for my 365 Project)
Justyce Jonathan Phoenix Lincoln
11 months old

Justyce is dancing now! When he hears music he starts bopping his cute lil head n' wiggles his body all over the place!! Like - SO CUUUUUUUUUTE! (It must be a mama thing ...cuz his mama dances n' sings SO loud that he is following suit now) LOL!

Here is his pic with his FAMOUS BIG LIPS! They stick out when he is happy n' they STICK out when he is crying and/or UPSET! LOL!
~~"Enough of the pics mama!"~~
Okay now this is SO cute! You cannot deny that! He is sticking his big lips out n' this was taken 1st thing in the morning so he is TRYING to adjust to the bright lights as mama keeps snapping pics of him! hahaha...too precious!

Again .... watching him grow so quickly and get so smart and developing his character is wonderful!!!!!

Charles Benjamin Percy Lincoln Jr.
There is no denying this boy luvz his papa! Here is first thing in the morning taking in his cuddles n' luvi'n from his papa! He was so cuddly n' just wanted to be near his papa.(Note his SAME shirt is on!) LOL! He didn't want to change into his PJ's lastnite...just straight into his bed he wanted! :)
So our day went on and these were the pics I chose to scrap of Charles.....
(and different clothes on!)
I bet you anything he is saying, "ENOUGH MAMA!!!!!! Okay! I get it! I am cute! I am growing!"
I can't go on without saying thank you to the best, darn handsome DH in the WORLD!
I love him with all my heart n' soul! *hugs* n' *kisses to you babe!*Charles HOTTIE Lincoln ;) hehe
Okay...that was my day...SOME of my day I might add! 
I appreciate very much that you come to check out and see what is up with me and my project!

I did my LO of the day today! Will post right after this post!
Thanks for stopping by!


Norine said...

your little was is so cute could just hug me LOL love them when they are that little

Diane said...

Your children are adorable and it will be such fun to have the daily photos to scrap! They grow up so fast so this time will be captured for memories. Good luck keeping up with it - I am trying to do the challenge too!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Cute photos! Thanks again for your comments on BadGirlsKits (RE: Photography)!