Friday, January 2, 2009


This is my DD (Barbara's frame)
She is my lil' Devil Angel!!

She is SO helpful, but ONLY when she wants to be! ;)
But all in all ...she is a GREAT girl!

This is our Name Frame :) A lot of people ask me if I am a Lincoln ...well, if this my "born" into family (I suppose) ... well .... itz a LONG story! *lol*

Here is my DS's Pic Frame
His name is Harvey .... 15 yo...He apparently thinks he is born a KING n' doesn't do much in the house! 


Materials Used:
An 8 1/2 by 11 frame
5 x 7 photo matte
Grungeboard for the monogram
CS (white)
Melissa Francis Crown

I cut a 5 x 7 pp then put it in place of a photo in the frame.
Put the PP under the photo matte.
Assembled the photo frame.

Got the letter ready (this can be any type of letter i.e. grunge, cricut cut, etc)
I glimmer misted the letter)
(Let it dry)
Adhered the letter to the CS and then cut around to make that "shadow" effect.
When the letter was ready I used pop dots to adhere to the glass.
Put on Crown.

You can do anything with these as far as going all out with the embellishments.
I just thought that the simplicity was perfection!!!

But then again ... I went all out on the Mickey Mouse Frames! :)


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