Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3 of 365 Day Challenge

Sideways pic of us but OH WELL! *crank that neck!* LOL!    Had to put a pic of him and I! My Luv!
(that means "Me" in Nisga'a)

Here I am ... again ... wasn't too bad of a day for me today!
I really enjoyed being home alone with Chuck and the babies!
It was truly a joy to watch them play together! (We need to teach Charles to SHARE n' PLAY NICE tho!) Running into his brother with his Lil Tikes car! *lol* I am SO glad Justyce is SO strong! He holds his ground when Big Brother Charles tries to get so "bossy!" haha!

well....all in all ... a good day!
(Just not looking forward to ...*ugh*...WORK!)

Justyce Jonathan Phoenix Lincoln
I think Justyce is warming up to the (daily) camera shots VERY WELL!
*lol* My lil' hammy! He breaks out the smiles and rushes towards the camera when it is taken out! Even if the pic isn't going to be of him ... but he puts on this hammy face n' you can't NOT take his pic!!! Adorable lil guy!
I just can't help but smile when he comes near me!
Charles Benjamin Percy Lincoln Jr
*Why you looking so glum?*

Charles sitting on the couch enjoying his movie n' his tostitos! (I have a few other pics of him totally enjoying his movie and getting right into it!) DH took this pic of him for me today! (I was napping)

I hadn't noticed that they BOTH had RED shirts on today! (Guess who dressed'em?) Papa! He noticed it and called them the RED GANG! *lol*

I love watching these boys grow and I am so thankful for this challenge as I am noticing all the wonderful things that we go through each day!


Val-n-SoCal said...

I love your blog toooo, the pic at the top is adorable and Charles sitting on the couch with tostitos reminds me of me Zachary, will have to post a pic of him with his doritos. Keep it going!

KweenScrapper69 said...

Thank yOU!!!
he is so cute with his bag o' tostitos!
I cant' wait to scrap these pics! :)