Wednesday, August 5, 2009

~Sushi Date~

DH Chuck & I have been waiting to make this forever!
Beginner's Basic Sushi :P

But ... we now have a list of MORE "stuffing" to add ;) hehe

Here he is putting his creations together ...

Plating up ....
Here I am working with the sticky rice ...
my creations ....

Enjoying what we made! Oh de-lish!
*Thumbz up Cookz!*

Thumbs up cookz!

We invited DS Harvey to try some ... his 1st time eating sushi n' LOVED it :D

Our youngest loved the SUSHI TOO!
TWO ARMS up for the GOOD food mommy n' daddy! ;)

Thanks for dropping in ;) hehe


1 comment:

The6ofusinca said...

OMGOSH!!!Now I so want Sushi!!!!
Sushi is big in our home! We bought a starter kit for our girlsw and they had a blast!!! If your ever in Ca let me know, we'll go get sushi!!!