Monday, August 10, 2009

Juss some things I am "needing" or "getting"...*lol*

Okay ...Okay ... a girl can dream :)

The Big Shot Express
(i am awaiting this in the mail ... hopefully today!)

the new iTop Brad Maker!
(I cannot wait to pick this up ...hopefully it will be at an M's when I get to the stores!)

okay ...who wouldn't want this?
I NEED this gypsy!
I will be getting it when it is released :D

my DD's love rock band n' are into music (instruments) ...this would be awesome for their LO's!

my DS Charles just LOVES the "old" Superman movies!
He would LOVE these cuts on his wall in his bedroom!

well ... juss had to share my latest obsessions!

Thanks for dropping by!

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