Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday Haul

Here are some of the items I got for my Bday :)
Enjoy and thanks for dropping by ....

*scratches head*
Whose Bday is coming up soon? *winkz* ;)

~A few of the things that came in the Mail~

Drool Factor
Close Ups

This looks marvelous doesn't it?

the vid


BrandiLynn said...

damn girl!!!!! my bdays comin up but no way is gonna look like that :P

Norine said...

Happy birthday nice goodies
my B-day was July 22 so think we are cancers together LOL

KweenScrapper69 said...

thanks girlz ;)
and HELL YEAH ... this girl went ALL out n' I still have TONZ more comin' ;)

i am taking visitors anytime :D

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Happy birthday! My birthday is on the 30th. Your birthday Haul is awesome. You can do alot with that lot.

KweenScrapper69 said...

thanks :) I am just having my coffee n' then going to play :) Courtesy of my DH Chuck :D

pink4u said...

Great Haul Lillian!!!
Happy Happy Birthday!!!!
Joanie :)

Loved the video!!

KweenScrapper69 said...

thank you everyone :D