Saturday, August 1, 2009

Coredinations meets Dymo

Okay .... I couldn't find my Flip (go figure!) I am on my Summer Holiday and planned on making some vids n' tutorials and my Flip is MIA! Bah!

Here I go with a tutorial via pics on my stinkin' Kodak cam! LOL ... My Nikon is STILL sick :(

Oh well ... here we go!!!
my dh figured this out ... i learned from him ;)
thought i would give credit where itz due :D

* Dymo Embossing Labeler
(I got mine from WM for $10 - HIGHWAY ROBBERY I tell ya! LOL!)
* Coredinations Paper
(I noticed the Vintage doesn't work as well as the other coredinations paper)
* Your paper needs to be cut @ 3/8" *tip below*
* Sanding Tool or paper
* Paper Trimmer
(Or scissors...but that would be painful to cut those strips all live long day!) *lol*
* Brush (of some sort to get rid of the paper dust)

Okay ... here is a heads up...when you cut your coredinations cardstock ...
I KNOW I am going to be doing this ALL the time now!
So, I marked my trimmer at 3/8" w/ a marker ....that way ... I just need to get my paper n' use that mark as my guide from here on in to ever after!
Okay ... I hope this helps you get the general idea of this wikked awesome tool!

Cut your coredinations paper at the grid line (that you made yourself!) :)
Load paper into Dymo
*PLEASE NOTE: You must click on the "_" button TWICE as you hold it at the entry part let the lil' machine "catch the paper"

This is how it looks after it is "caught" by the dymo (you can curl that lil' end inside the compartment if you want ... the flap will close again ...)
Push in the letters you need (by twisting the letter wheel)
When you are done your word/phrase .....

.... REMEMBER to push that "_"/space button BEFORE you cut it! (Or you will cut it right at the EDGE of you paper n' it doesn't look good when the letter is chopped right at the edge)

Okay, you pressed the space button ...your word/phrase is done ...
VIOLA! Press the "cut" (scissor icon) ....
Ta-Da! You did it!
(I was SO excited that I forgot to push my "R", I am now "KweenSCAPPER" :P)
You can see the "raised/embossed letters right now ....BUT.........
I say sand the bugger!!!!
& you will get THIS!!!!

okay go try it!!!!
You will LOVE IT!
I did!

Thanks for dropping by!




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