Saturday, August 23, 2008

Been Super BUZY....

Been super busy @ home .... did major cleaning the past two weeks ;) House is awesome now! :)
Just got back home Thursday nite from my business trip
 in Kamloops - had a BLAST with my SIL...she truly is a wonderful soul that woman! :)

Going to clean up my "area" and put the things away n' start doing my work for my classroom ... I am super excited but sad 'cuz I am not going to be home with the kids everyday :( *lol*

I went in to get the "test" done yesterday *lol* ;) "it" was "-" ;) Yay eh? I truly would have been HAPPY; however, it would not been great timing! hahaha :)

I am just popping in to say hello!

I don't get too much time for reading anymore .... :( I
 really want to start again so I can finish the 2nd book ... 
I am near done ... prob an hour left or so .... if even that ... then I am going to start Eclipse ;) hahah....I should just savor the books ...they truly are wonderful!!!!

Oh ... I am going to be redecorating my UGLY house! It is time to get going with the house...I was wondering if any of you can share your ideas with me to fix it up so it doesn't look so hobo-ish *lol* and is fit for my family .... babyz in mind ;)
.... heheh
thanks in advance for dropping by ... sorry my thoughts are all rambled.... talk soon everyone!

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Thinknpinkmom said...

:) Look at those cutie pie babies! :) So glad you had a good time. That's great. I wish I had some decorating tips for you, but I don't. I need some ideas myself. I just have a small apartment and everything is so cluttered. :( Have a great rest of the weekend!