Thursday, August 14, 2008

How Can I 4GET THIS?????


My DD is just going thru a milestone in her life right now! I am NOT too sure how to take this!!! She is MY BABY GIRLER!!!! :O She was VERY brave when she came to me! (I am SO proud of her!) We just hugged and cried for a few minutes .... I have been telling her of this for the past year .... getting her ready ... so she knew what to do! :) 

I told her EVERYTHING there is to know ;) *sighs* 

that is the excitement for the nite (yesterday) lol


Mellisa said...

My niece just experienced her first milestone last week when I was in Hamilton. She was at my house with her Uncle, staying for a few days ... he is very 'milestone-phobic' shall we say?

Welcome to the club. Enjoy the enjoy the next 30 years. ;o)

(I hope we are talking about the same milestone?? lol)


KweenScrapper69 said...

Yes we are! I was a bit vague but I KNEW someone would catch on! :) lol

I am so nervous for her but she KNEW what was going on 'cuz we talked about it quite a bit ... told her what to expect n' what is going to happen FROM HERE ON IN! lol :) She is a lil trooper!
My mom n' I and her aunty are taking her for a WOMAN dinner tomorrow nite :)

Thinknpinkmom said...

Aw! I remember mine. That is great though that you had already talked about it and let her know what to expect! That's a great mama for ya right there!!!

KweenScrapper69 said...

thank you :) I am STILL feelin' shaki'n up n' hug her everytime she goes by me! lol

Anonymous said...

Hugs girl, i THINK i know what you are talking about, lol ..... They grow up SO fast :( We are talking about "flo" , right ?! LOL .....

Jenn :)

KweenScrapper69 said...

THAT is what we are talkin' about! She def. did grow up so fast :( :( :( :( My heart is BREAKING! lol
THAT was what I was trying to come up with -

thanks Jenn :) *hugs* backatcha!

Anonymous said...

AH HA !! See i said those books were addicting , didnt i ?!!?! Everyone is hooked on them now, im almost done with ECLIPSE and i cant wait to start my BREAKING DAWN. DONT read out of order though, you must read them in order !! ECLIPSE is really eventful !! Happy reading girl , glad you like them, TWILIGHT the movie comes out on 12/12 .

Jenn :)

Rachel said...

Oh what a huge moment! Seems like she is taking it all in okay! Your lil girl is now what most people call a WOMAN now.... what a thought huh? I have two girls and they are still babies... but when this day happens.. I think I am gonna bawl my eyes out just like you did!