Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Goals.......(BG Apron Challenge)

I have a new lo swirling in my head...and today is the day to get it done for the apron contest....
i have SO much personal growth to do .... and I feel like I have done it all; however, am not even close to what I want to be - I am feeling "perfect" as I am now ... I do know that ... as for the goals... they are CTMH .... my children .... i need to quit nitpicking so much .... and wanting perfection when I am not there myself ... so what if they can't wash the dishes like me, vacuum like me, clean up (in general) like me.... but they can LAFF and have FUN like me!!!! & wear that smile with pride! :)

I want to learn to stop the demanding of them ... and accept them for who and what they stand for! Love unconditionally .... (*coughs*) No more yelling 'cuz something was not done RIGHT THEN and THERE cuz I asked ... (I don't get things done right when I want it done either!) *lol*

Remember ... Choose Your Battles mama! :)
Which brings me to my Apron is my entry


pink4u said...

That is just the sweetest page :) very precious..and a very good goal!!!

Best of luck on the coveted "Apron Challenge"

I really enjoy visiting your Blog!
Take Care!

momma_lizzie said...

oh that is ADORABLE!!!
Dude... I just did my last DDD and now I'm all caught up! I can't believe I completed them all!! It was fun... and now I'm bored

Zoa said...

I love your page! I think it is a great reminder to all of us moms--- pick your battles and love them a lot! I always expect perfection from my babies too- then I feel so darn guilty. Lucky for us, kids are forgiving and they love you unconditionally {until they are teenagers} Anyway great job & have a wonderful Labor Day! :)