Sunday, August 31, 2008

new do!!

me - sportin the new do!
"are you scared?"
"do you want to cut it?
I am like ... "Pffffft! Cut if ALL OFF!" lol
Me - Big Hair
...... here it is! (thanks to my SIL)me - NEW haircut
I <3>


Anonymous said...

Look at you hot mama !! LOL ..... Love it, so hip and funky just like you , perfect.

Thanks for your hugs, i should be around more now , have to take my little guy to be evaluated still cuz i SUSPECT, not sure, but he may be bipolar in addition to autism , his extreme mood swings lead me in that direction, but i will be around more soon :) You are so sweet , luv ya girl !

Oh, and did you read on my blog about the MIDNIGHT SUN book ?!?!?


{Brooke} said...

Looks good on you, girl!!! You are gonna be such a "cool" kindergarten teacher, LOL!

Thinknpinkmom said...

Woo hooo hot mama! Looks great girl!

Kataroo said...

hair soooo suits you man!! Sexy and Spunky :)