Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting things In Order and Back to Our Routine

Well, things are getting pretty hectic at home here as I get things back in order...and TRYING to put our family back on a schedule .... school starts pretty quick here! (Work starts next week for me ... n' then ... the kids are back in school!) Seems SO FAR away yet it is SO CLOSE in reality! lol

DD's are switching roomz ... they are NOT happy with their rooms ... so we are busy doing that ... I am getting all the main roomz cleaned up and rearranging ... did the kitchen today ... and dining room ... living room .... have the bathrooms tomorrow ...and get all the linens done ... OMG I am goin nuts!! But it will be well worth it when it is all done!

DS had his room finished lickety split already! He was on a mission and did it! Proud of him :)
He just has to finish his laundry and put it away :)

DD's are SO lazy! They can't even collect the JUNK n' GARBAGE in their rooms let alone their laundry .... they are the struggle to get things done ... if they don't get going and done they are looking forward to grounding! lol

Well, in a few days I am going to be heading to my workshops.... that is going to be a LONG time away from my family! chuck...the babies...the kids! WHOA! 6 days away from'em....
ugh! Gonna be lonely! (Wish Chuck could come)....

Thatz all thatz goin on with me today ... I am going to try to make an attempt to update everyday here .... (my own personal goal) ... so I can just copy and paste for my journaling on any lo's I do) :)

Well - take care everyone and thank you for coming by to see what I am up to :)



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~Brooke~ said...

Hey girl!! Hope you have a great year at school! Your LO's are lookin' great!! Yu are so strong and I admire you for all your hard work!! Thanks for always making me smile.