Friday, May 15, 2009

I am such a bad blogger...

but with GOOD reason!
I had been sick for the past two weeks! *ugh!*
i hope that i will be ok now!!!!! (*crosses fingers*)

well ... i am going to do my FFF's pretty quick ... (just taking time to wind down after a trip to town to get some groceries n' MORE tylenol!)

hmm .... oh!
I have coming in the mail:
* my five carts! (Yes!)
* Bad Girls Prizes (for NSD) :) Wooohoooooo!
* Bad Girlz Kits! <<< that is taking long due to my part in the deal *lol*

well ... i am gonna go find pics o' my faves :P
be back later



thanks for dropping by!

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Aeify said...

Great glad you're feeling better!!!