Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is tha Kween Up to?

i have joined
Stampin' Up family and am VERY excited to get this going!
I will set things up n' have a grand opening and contests n' such :)

Please go to my site n' take a look-see
When I get things started I will post some contests here ;)

Please keep in touch!
Follow me if ya dare ;) (I know you wanna) LOL

hmmm...oh, I am going to be opening an etsy shop as well!
selling teez, cards...tags....cuts n' such ....
you will see ...when i get it set up ..THAT will be having a grand opening as well

so thrilled!
Please leave a comment n' well wishes n' promise me you will buy from me ;)


Much Luv



Jill said...

GOOD FOR YOU! That is awesome!

~BridgetL~ said...

good luck with the stampin up and etsy store!

KweenScrapper69 said...

THank you girls! I am excited and am getting things ready for the give aways n' contest n' prizes as we speak :D wooohooo!

Karen D. said...

Ooh! FUN!!!! Congrats on your Stampin' Up, Etsy and everything! I'll be following!!

KweenScrapper69 said...

oh thank you SO much!