Friday, May 29, 2009

FFF-May 29th

I know I am early; however, I don't wanna miss ... so I will be early *lol*
I am gone on a business trip again :)

here they are:
(in NO particular order - the juss uploaded this way)
TaeBo was gettin' a bit of ...letz say....repetitive!
So, I looked up another way to get my bod the way I want!
So I am going to hip hop my way there....
may as well have FUN while I am losi'n weight

Who ordered this Bad Girlz Stuff
for her?
I am SO excited to get this in my hands (soon!)
Mama needs playtime
:D The BG Special Kit is Beyawesome! :D
*winkz* Thanks Wendy!

Cricut Cart: Sesame Street Font
Okay - there are TONZ o' diff fontz on here!
And the EVER so cutie-patootie SS Characters to boot!

Cricut Cart: Hello Kitty Font
Oh! Em! Gee!
If you do NOT have this - you MUST buy some letters from me!
Cuz this font rawkz!
You MUST see what I have done with this (later on)
You WILL want to order some cuts ;)

Stampin' Up
Oh! Em! Gee! AGAIN!
I love stamps!
I am luvi'n stampin' ....
i love coloring!
You have to take a look at these things from SU!

Thanks for dropping by and scoping out my FFF's ... I will be by later on tonite to post to yours n' get the goods on ya ;)

Much Luv n' *hugs*



Aeify said...

GREAT FIVES!!! I love HELLO KITTY!! And most of my current in is from SU so I know I love their products!! WTG girly! Hope you have some LIL time on the business trip and LOVE YA!!

Karen D. said...

Oooh!! I want that hip hop program!! My kids will do it with me, I bet! LOVE HK and SS!!! I'll have to check thise cartridges out!! I'll have to check out your SU goodies!! Yay!!!

Jill said...


pink4u said...

Edward is staring at me and I forgot what I was going to say...

Ummm..Oh you have Edward pillow cases and sheets and bath towels and robes, and wash clothes and scrap paper and stamps and key rings and how about an Edward exercise video..I watch and I melt!!! LOL!!!
Great Faves Lilian!!

KweenScrapper69 said...

oh hot dang!
now i have to make edward EVERYTHING ;) Specially the towels ;) LOL!

Jill said...

Isn't the BG kit fabulous?
Love the blog renovation!

Kaytee said...

Awesome Fives! Hip Hop Mama!!! I don't have a cricut and love HK so you can bet your booty I will be ordering cuts from you! Paradise Playhouse is just AMAZING!!!