Saturday, May 2, 2009

NSD Creations

Here I am .... in the mids of NSD ... SO TIRED! *lol*

Rotten Little Girl

Here is my honey
(used a sketch here)

Justyce Lincoln

She's Always
a mom layout :)

Bad Girl LO
juss me ;)

Glimmer Mist
this rawked!
learned how to use it properly!

Stamping Class
Had a blast heat embossing the words:
Happy Memories
Chuck n' Charles Jr

Room Challenge
I did my classroom
I find it very unique that I started my "school career" in this
VERY classroom I teach Kindergaten (now!)

Home challenge
I loved doing this!
Recyled my heart out!
Wonderful display of a big sister
with her lil brother

Thanks for looking!
Please do feel free to post comments

Happy NSD!


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