Friday, May 8, 2009

FFF (going to take a whirl at this)

I am quite new to this ... HOWEVER ....
these thingyz were part of my faves!
STAMPS! ;) Stamp anything - I want it! hahaha!

My newest Fave is the FFF :)
I do hope I can keep up with this ....SHOULD be easy ;)
itz about ME *lol*

Okay ..... my NEXT fave ... Cricut Carts!
Okay ... I am SO bad! I haven't used my Cricut in SO long but just HAD to have these carts (that were on my "Carts Hunted" LOL!)
I have (coming to me):
Hello Kitty Font
Sesame Street Font (I am a sucker for Elmo!)
Winnie the Pooh Font (My DD LOVES Pooh!)
Soccer Solutions Cart (for my DS-he *hearts* soccer!)
Basketball Solutions Cart (DS *hearts* bball too!)

My Next Fave (for this week)
I found since I have been quite ill and so blah -- i was getting depressed feeli'n like crap all day! So I went to blogs n' that lifted my spirits! Thanks to all of you who added me (followers) and to my friends for your comments! Made my day! :) Love how everyone is so willing to share their wisdom of the sb'ing!

My Last but NOT the least!
MM NEW Design Cards!
These are on my "HUNTED LIST" and I WILL have them!
Eventually! (SOOOOOON!)

As you can see ... I am fairly new to FFF - again, I hope I can keep up!
thanks for allowing me to step in and try ;)



I am on a replapse, please send well wishes and prayers that I break this awful illness!!


Jill said...

Welcome to the FFF phenom! :) It really is addictive. I started a few weeks ago, and it's easier to keep up with than I thought. Love your fives! I FEEL your stamp addiction!

Jill said...

STAAAAAMPS! I like cricut carts too although I confess I dont use mine all that much but it does come in handy when I need it.

Kirsty said...

Hey another Friday Faver!!! Welcome :)
Sorry to hear you haven't been well, lots of good thoughts and prayers headed your way!
Love the faves...I think if I ever manage to score myself a cricut machne it will be on my eternal FFFs list! LOL

Aeify said...

AH...saw those mm cartridges at my LSS on Wednesday along with the new embossing tips!! Can't wait to add them to my stash!!! Great fives! Hope you're feeling better as well.

pink4u said...

Hi Lillian,
Welcome to FFF!!! Its so much fun and very addicting too!!
Your Blog looks GREAT!!!

I am addicted to stamps too....
Hope you are feeling better today.
Happy Mother's Day
Joanie :)

Gine said...

Great faves...Those stamps looks CUtE !!!

Happy mothersday, hope you have a great weekend and feel better soon =)

Jeni Boisvert said...

LOVE your favs Lilian!!! I heart my slice and I *need* more cards! lol

Kaytee said...

I can't wait to get my slice and start gettings cards for it!!! I hope you are feeling better! Great faves hun!!

mademoisellechitchat said...

I hope that you are feeling much better!

Do you like your Slice? I will eventually upgrade to the Cricut Expressions. I have the Hello Kitty cartridge; I haven't used it yet. ;)