Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just some random things n' there

Some thoughts n' postings of Teez

well, i am at a crossroads in my life .... career path is tilting .... not too sure of the change; however, anxiously awaiting to see what the next few months are going to bring me .... *sighs*
I am waiting on word about what I am going to be doing for the summer months - I do NOT Like summer ... why? oh, don't ask! lol

i am pretty happy with the way things are going with my family tho - kids are much more helpful in the house n' Chuck n' I are going strong... I am quite happy with the way things are going!

as for my new "small business" (ST and EtsY) - quite anxious to get this going! Very happy! I am going to do something that I LOVE to do! Yay! I am hoping to get this kicki'n by the beginning of June! Hosting workshops n' having crops :) It WILL work out! I know it will!

okay ... so my DD and I were creating Teez n' cards for a craft fair ... I have been creating Grad themed things (frames, cards) as well ... I will post those later on tonite....
Here is a Tee that I made as SOON AS
Machida smeared "the other dude"
(okay, i admit .. i *heart* UFC)

Nisga'a's Finest Tee
I am from the Nisga'a People's
n' I HAD to make this ;)
cuz i am Nisga'a's Finest

Got K'ayukws Tee
My DD wore this right away when I made this!
K'ayukws is dried/smoked fish!
A delicacy in our valley ;) Yum!
(this is our Nisga'a version of "Got Milk?")

Wolf Apron
We all have crests (Raven; Eagle; Killerwhale; Wolf);
we follow our mother's crests!
(It is the women that make the Nisga'a Stew for our feasts we have)

So, here is one I made for other Wolves to order!

And here is one for the

I need to make a frog and Killerwhale Apron yet:)
Twilight Tee
Here is Edward

This is MY TEE! (but of course, for mama)
DD is holding it for me :)
i promised a general idea of how to do with these ... i will try my best to post that :)

Thanks for dropping by and hope to get my FFF up tomorrow :) (If I can, I am going on another business trip) :) I will prob post it after this posting :)



Karen D. said...

LOVE your teez Lillian!!!! You're rockin' it, girl!!!

Jill said...

Nice teez! Is it the Yudo?

KweenScrapper69 said...

thank you girlz :)

and no, itz not Yudu ....i am using just freezer paper...will post new pics about how i did it :)
I will TRY to explain it *lol* :D

BrandiLynn said...

KEWL!!!!!!!! I am not a twilight fan *ouch* that tomatoe almost hit my head
:p lol but I LOVE the shirt.

WTG girl with the etsy site I am "getting" there